JP70 Screw mortar plastering machine,with German air compressorcan.It's the mortar cement spraying machine Which has pumping,bonding,spraying functions.



JP70 The Cement Mortar Spraying Machine, Suitable For Indoor Wall Mortar Spraying

JP90-Z THE Thermal Insulation Mortar Spraying Machine, Suitable For Light Steel Structure Housing

WG5c The Gypsum Mortar Spraying Machine, Automatic Water, Quick Stir And Spray Together 

UBJ1.8 The Squeeze Type Pump, Suitable For Cement Mortar Conveying And Spraying Fire Retardant Coating
JP70A-50 The Cement Mortar Spraying Machine, Large Displacement And Portable, Suitable in Construction Of The Corridor BS15 The Small Fine Concrete Pump Truck, Could Carry 30 Meter Vertically And 60 Meter Horizontal 
JP10 The Small Real Stone Paint, Putty Spraying Machine, Could be Used For Hanging Baskets Aloft PZ-9 The Dry Concrete Shoucrete Machine, Suitable Long Distance Transmission Of Sprayed Concrete UB3 The Piston Type Pump, Single Cylinder Power, Suitable Instill Mortar